WebWorksOnLine Security Policy

Updated: October 2016

At WebWorksOnLine the safety, privacy, and security of the data our customers entrust to us is very important to us. We realize you might have a few questions around our security practices and have included some of the ones you might find important. If you have further questions not listed below, please feel free to reach out to us directly from here.

Who owns the data I load into your service?

  • Your personal data belongs to you. We do not sell or rent your contact lists without your authorization. More details can be found in our privacy statement.

What do you do to keep my data secure?

  • We employ the appropriate encryption and hashing techniques and data security policies to protect your passwords, credit card numbers and email lists.
  • Our applications are deployed to industry leading data centers and the applications are architected with data security in mind.

What about security in your applications?

  • Our goal is to design, build, and maintain secure applications. We believe security should be built in and not bolted on.
  • We regularly review our code as well as any third party code included in our products using static and dynamic analysis tools along with manual code reviews in critical areas.

What do you do to protect my data from loss?

  • We utilize industry standard best practices to preserve and protect your data.
  • Additionally, we have a comprehensive insurance program to protect your data and our company from a variety of losses.
  • If you need further information on how we demonstrate the effectiveness of our security practices, drop us a note at the email listed above and we will be happy to share the information with you.

Who are the people accessing my data?

  • All employees that have access to your data undergo a background checks.
  • Our applications keep track of who accessed your data at all times.